Davis Place offers many specialties to serve our subacute patients and long-term
residents. They include:


Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Serving individuals with musculoskeletal conditions, or who are recovering from injury, trauma, surgery, or illness. May include physical, occupational, or speech therapy.


Advanced Cardiac Care and Recovery

Serving individuals recovering from heart conditions such as cardiac arrest, heart failure, surgery, and others. Includes 24-hour heart monitoring, daily rehabilitation, and education.


Pulmonary Care

Serving individuals recovering from pulmonary conditions such as pulmonary embolism, edema, COPD, dyspnea, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and others. Includes ventilation, tracheostomy care and mores.


Stroke Recovery

Serving individuals recovering from stroke and its after-effects. May include physical, speech, and occupational therapy, memory care, cardiac care, and more.


Wound Care

Serving individuals with wounds from injury, surgery, or other causes. Includes drainage, dressing changes, sanitization, and other protective measures to expedite healing.


Hospice Care

Serving individuals with diagnoses of terminal illness. Includes pain and symptom management and other comfort measures.


Short-Term Respite

Supporting individuals on a temporary basis while primary caregivers take time to recharge.


I just wanted to say Thank You to all the Staff at Davis Place for taking care of me and getting me through a tough time. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to go for my medical care & rehab. Whenever I needed anything, they were right there. The nurses, CNAs, and physical therapy staff. So, Thank You All from the bottom of my heart!

– Cynthia Lavigne

I spent 21 days at Davis Place after a total hip replacement. I would definitely recommend Davis Place. The staff is excellent, from the nurses to the CNAs. I had great care. The OT and PT staff are very professional and the knowledge of my hip surgery was remarkable. TWO THUMBS UP!!!

– Alan Breault

I can’t thank this place enough for what they did for my grandfather. He stayed at Davis Place for about a month’s time and my family could not be happier with the amazing service that was provided. He even enjoyed the food! I would highly recommend this place to anyone in need of this level of care. The staff was so friendly. I was in contact with the social worker on his case, and she was always willing to speak with me and ease my own nerves. The nurses came to his side whenever he needed them and they always kept a smile on their faces. You will not regret having your loved one stay here!!

– Alison Konow
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